How to Make Money With Binance in 2021?

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Posted: July 08, 2021

Binance earns a method of making money even while you sleep by investing your funds in different investment areas without making any transactions.

Binance is one of the most used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The biggest reason for this is the commercial solutions it offers. Earn transactions on Binance, where the opportunity to earn money without making a transaction as well as making money by making a transaction, is a system that allows you to deposit and hold money without making any transactions and to earn annual income.

Some investors (passive investors) make long-term investments and wait because they cannot take the risk of trading. For example, they buy Bitcoin (BTC) at $ 60,000, wait a long time and sell it when it reaches $ 70,000. The name given to this type of investor is "passive investor." Binance Earn, which provides higher earnings for passive investors, is a system that makes money for you even while you sleep. In fact, it is the kind of investment that can refute the thesis of some scientists that "you cannot earn money while sleeping."

Binance Earn is an investment model offered by the global cryptocurrency exchange for those who want to make money without making more transactions. Or by staking long-term Proof of Stake (PoS) coins with a portion of their money; It is a system that benefits those who want to deposit assets into a Defi service, either by lending assets for interest earnings or through Binance. Let's take a broader look at what Binance Earn is, which can be evaluated in a broad sense and attracts the attention of investors with its privileges.

Although the world of crypto money came to life in 2009, many innovations and changes started to be mentioned in a short time. Making money by trading is the method known in crypto and traditional stock markets. But it is also possible to earn money by opening a savings account without making any transactions. Binance Earn offers users the opportunity to earn money even while they sleep, with an infrastructure that can meet your expectations. So, what are the Earn categories, how are they used? Here are the details.

1- Binance Flexible Deposits

Among the Binance Earn categories, one of the simplest investment models that can be used is flexible savings. Flexible units are the funds you hold in your spot wallet (idle cash) with an interest rate. So you have some BNB coins, BTC or X coins, and you are thinking of holding them for a long time. When you place your order in your flexible savings account and transfer your coin there, it pays you a daily interest.

Flexible savings funds begin to be funded the day after they are deposited, and earnings are calculated after that. The nice thing is that you can withdraw your money from a flexible savings account whenever you want. In other words, you do not have to wait for a long term in any way.

2- Binance Fixed Savings

Fixed savings mean that you cannot withdraw your money for 7-90 days, unlike flexible savings. In fact, this savings account provides more returns than flexible savings. The reason is, in a sense, a promise that the predetermined amount will not be withdrawn for a certain time.

Transferring funds to fixed savings is no different from flexible savings. However, as mentioned above, the difference here is that you have to stake your money for a certain period of time. According to the number of days you will stake, the amount of money you will earn will be more.

3- Binance Lending Events

Lending activities are not an event that can be entered all the time. Under the "Events" tab, notifications about this come from time to time, and if you catch them on time, you can earn much higher earnings from flexible savings. The most important thing in lending events with a capped supply is a timely entry. For this, you need to evaluate the incoming notifications instantly.

You can earn money while you sleep with lending activities, which are not different from flexible savings and are easy in terms of transaction convenience. To get detailed information about Binance lending activities and to receive notifications instantly, you should constantly review the Activities area.

4- Binance Locked Staking

Ways to make money on Binance are not only possible through trading. You can also earn money by simply holding your coins without making any transactions. For this, simply keep your Proof of Stake (PoS) coins in your spot wallet. However, locked staking is a money-making method that works with a slightly different logic.

You have to stake your PoS coins between 7-90 days. Staking means that no trading can be made with the coin deposited for a certain period of time. In other words, you cannot withdraw your deposited funds at any time, as with flexible savings.

5- Binance Launchpool

Among the Binance Earn products, one of the products that can be used most actively among the ways to make money is the Launchpool account. This account is actually a token issuance platform where it raises funds through a process called an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). In the Launchpool method, in which BNB, BUSD, and other cryptocurrencies are locked and processed, it is the method in which the opportunity to buy new tokens is offered.

How to use Binance to earn money

You will find all the details you are curious about Binance, one of the most important exchanges in the crypto money market and serving on a global scale, in this article.

Binance is one of the places where cryptocurrency trading is performed the most worldwide. Binance is widely used due to the number of cryptocurrencies it has and the advantages it offers. With this article, where you can find the details of all questions such as how to use Binance, how to register, how to get a discounted commission, you will reach the ease of trading on Binance.

Why Use Binance?

One of the most important issues for crypto money investors is the stock market. Each of the exchange platforms has its own advantages and disadvantages. Binance is usually the first stop of users who complain about Turkish stock exchanges. So why Binance?

1- High Sub-Coin Variety

It is very important to have sub-coin diversity in crypto money exchanges. The more cryptocurrencies available, the higher the earnings, especially for users making short-term trading. Binance is the industry's leading name with its sub-coin diversity. There are four cryptocurrencies available for trading pairs on Binance. These;

  • Bitcoin (BTC): 149 pairs
  • Binance Coin (BNB): 74 pairs
  • Ethereum (ETH): 146 pairs
  • US Tether (USDT): 18 pairs

2- Buying Crypto Money With Fiat Money

Most new users do not know how to buy cryptocurrencies through the exchange. This causes new investors to stay away from the market. Binance offers the best solution in this regard as well. The introduction of the feature of buying Bitcoin with fiat money and in addition to this; The introduction of debit card, credit card, and Paparo payment options provides great convenience for new investors.

3- Various Commercial Solutions

One of the features that investors who want to trade in the Bitcoin and sub-coin market most want to see is that there are various commercial solutions. Again, Binance offers highly flexible solutions in this regard. Offering different commercial solutions such as conversion, spot trading, margin, fiat money, P2P, futures, and Pool account, Binance also distinguishes itself from other cryptocurrency exchanges with these features.

4- Reliability

One of the most important details in the financial or economic market is that the platform to be traded has high-security features. We witnessed that some platforms serving in Turkey or serving globally were attacked before. Some of them returned their money to their members; others closed their shutters and left. This caused the trust in the cryptocurrency market to be shaken. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange with high-security features. However, since it is an online environment, no claim can be made, such as "Binance cannot be attacked." There was an attack on Binance in the past, but Binance returned the stolen coins to their owners in the same way, which affected Binance users' greater trust in the platform.

5- Speed ​​of Transaction

One of the indispensable conditions when trading in the crypto money market is the speed of the transaction. It is very important that the stock market is not locked in instant trading. In some local stock exchanges, such problems are very common. Such actions, consciously or unconsciously, cause serious damage to investors and undermine the confidence in stock exchange platforms. Binance is a platform that has the opportunity to perform transactions much faster than other cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of transaction speed.

6- Notifications

Binance, which is the most talked-about among crypto money exchanges, manages to gain the trust of its users with its solutions. In addition, the changes made from social media accounts, Telegram channels, and on the platform, instantly sharing the news about the new coins they have taken to their portfolio affect the users to earn more.