How to sync Ethereum Wallet?

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Posted: April 09, 2021

In this era of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology always needs improvement and Ethereum wallet synchronization is one of the best of the ways to download blockchain data. we have written a best purposed content and tried to give more value to you. After Mining synchronization is best way to make backup of your Ethereum.

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What is synchronization?

For many popular cryptocurrencies, official wallets have been developed that can be used as full-fledged nodes. This becomes possible after full sync of the wallet with the network.

This process involves downloading all the blockchain cryptocurrency data. Only after it is completed, you will be able to make full use of your wallet, i.e. receive and send funds, as well as form an address book.

Why is this necessary?

In addition to the fact that you can use all the functionality, the main advantage is that you do not need to connect to the network through remote servers. After all, full synchronization of wallet is the download of all blockchain data. This means that your wallet does not need a connection to verify this information, as it is stored on your computer.

This greatly increases the security of coins stored on the balance sheet. Only the user of the wallet will have control over the means and keys, and he will not connect to the Internet.

That is why desktop wallets from the official developer of wallet cryptocurrency are considered the most reliable. However, keep in mind that you need to create good protection for your computer. Because private keys are stored on a local disk, any attack on the device can result in loss of access to the tools.

Among the Advantages Are:

  • password protection;
  • the ability to restore access through a mnemonic phrase;
  • high level of security;

Mining from a wallet.

  • The downside is just the long sync with the network. In addition, it is well developed only in the English version. 

What you need for synchronization Of wallet?

Because this is a data download, an Internet connection is a must. Moreover, it is desirable to have a good connection, because today Blockchain Monera occupies 55 gigabytes. If the connection is slow, the synchronization of Ethereum wallet will be quite long.

As you know, you should take care of free disk space, which will load all the data. By default, this will be the local disk for your operating system. Do not forget that it should always be at least 20-30 gigabytes of free space. Otherwise, the system may hang. Keep this fact in mind when loading your  ethereum wallet.

It is also very important to have a good hard drive so that downloads and downloads take place at maximum speed. That is, if you have an SSD, loading all the blocks will be much faster than on HDDs.

What can you face?

Wallet users are often faced with the message that 0 connections are available. Accordingly, synchronization does not occur at all. This is quite rare because the network is congested and cannot be connected.

The first problem, as you know, is related to the low speed of your Internet. The Ethereum wallet does not use the full potential of the computer to connect to the network. Therefore, downloading data can take a very long time. You can fix this only by buying a new tariff.

It is also possible that connections are available, but wallet synchronization has stopped. The main reason is not enough disk space. As a rule, in such situations the error message with the explanation of the reasons will be knocked out. Accordingly, you need to free up memory. You can also change the download directory.


If the problem is not solved:- 

Sometimes none of these tips work. To get started, try reinstalling your Ethereum wallet. Sometimes the problem is that an installation error was made due to user actions or simply the activity of one of the computer services.

If that doesn't help, you can bypass direct syncing the wallet by downloading all the data from the miner site via torrent. After that, you will need to throw them in a folder with a wallet. Then, in the program interface there will be a message that the client is connected to the network, and therefore is a full-fledged node that allows you to use all the functionality.

Also, make sure that the application has the exceptions of antivirus and firewall. Most programs to work with cryptocurrency antivirus can be accepted as malware. Because of this, their ability to work is blocked.

Connecting to remote nodes

You can also connect to a remote node. What does it mean? You will be connected to another wallet that has been able to fully sync the wallet with the network. This will save you download time and space on your computer. However, keep in mind that this blockchain does not boot, which means that your computer will be a little more at risk of attack.

To make such a connection, you need to go to settings and click "Stop Daemon". There will be a stop of the so-called "demon" - something like a built-in script, which is engaged in synchronization with the blockchain.

Then you need to change the daemon address and its port. By default, this data must be localhost and 18081, respectively. By the way, if this is not the case, then the problem of synchronization of the wallet may be this. Therefore, try entering the following address and port first. If all else fails, you can use the following daemons: 13666 (node ​​from the community; 18089 (volunteer node); 18089 (node ​​from high-speed servers).

You can check the status of these sites on the View dns site. If the Type column does not specify "A", it means that the server has some problems. Accordingly, you need to choose another. The above are able to work for a long time, and at the time of writing they were also working.

Is there a benefit of Sync the wallet?

Many people wonder if it makes sense to become a remote node, because it puts a system of danger? This is appropriate for several reasons.

First, such a decision is different from the ideological side. You will be able to support the network, unload some Nodes (because connecting a user also creates a load on your equipment), and thus help developers to cope with scaling.

Second, you can post your link, and provide access for a fee. So, from this you can get some profit. Of course, there are volunteer nodes in the network, but it happens that they do not work. And you will be able to provide guaranteed and permanent access, because you will be interested in it.

The two reasons mentioned above directly indicate the appropriateness of giving network access to other users through your nose. However, as already mentioned, this is a completely voluntary action. No one obliges you to do so. Moreover, you will not be punished in any way for refusing.